Whether the wrong is to a person or to property, we are able to legally sort you out. A major component of civil wrongs falls under Tort Law. One can never be ever so careful as to avoid all manner of legal injury arising upon him or her.

Our tort lawyers & experts advise clients on the nature of tortious wrongs and their various classifications including the major specific torts of Negligence, Defamation, Trespass, Nuisance (whether public or private in nature) and Conversion.

Other than the various torts, we also deal with the various kinds of liability in tort namely:

It matters not that you are the aggrieved or the alleged wrong doer, our tort lawyers & legal advisors shall apply relevant legal principles and precedents with sound arguments to strengthen your legal position and protect your rights.

Our portfolio confirms that we have managed to get the majority of our clients accused of wrongdoing free, while at the same time, getting favorable judgments for our aggrieved clients in the awarding of huge monetary compensation, conservatory orders, restitutions, specific performance and rescission where applicable.

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