The introduction of VAT in the GCC and the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2018 has brought significant change in the business environment. With (Value-Added Tax) the most immediate tax challenge, our tax consultants help businesses understand the challenges of VAT, assess the impact of those challenges, explain how systems and processes will need to be changed, check compliance with national legislation, and help businesses pay the right amount of VAT at the right time according to tax law.

By getting this right, businesses are more likely to be able to generate VAT efficiencies, minimise the risk of VAT becoming a cost and are less likely to incur damage to either their reputation or their finances.

Tax law refers to the laws and regulations that govern the taxation of individuals and businesses. It covers a wide range of topics, including income tax, corporate tax, sales tax, and property tax. It is constantly evolving as governments seek to raise revenue and address social and economic issues.

This can be complex and can affect many aspects of a person’s or business’s financial situation. So, it is important to understand and comply with these laws with the help of legal & law firms.

Our experienced VAT team in Bahrain, along with international VAT experts across our global network have been advising and implementing strategies to help organizations comply with their VAT obligations and reduce VAT liabilities.

Our VAT Services Include:

  • VAT assessment and implementation assistance.
  • VAT registrations.
  • VAT returns (monthly/quarterly/annually) preparation and submission.
  • Advice on VAT compliance.
  • Advice on special and complex transactions.
  • Support preparing invoice and credit not templates.
  • Assistance in VAT refund claim.

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