Sharia Law compliance and Family Law

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Sharia Law compliance and Family Law

Article 5 of the Bahrain Constitution provides that the family is the basis of society, deriving its strength from religion, morality and love of the homeland.

We at Alya Al Zeera uphold family values and look out to provide legal aid to our clients towards furtherance of this noble cause.
Our lawyers on Family Law are authorized to practice in Bahrain in the court in which the marriage was legalized, whether Sunni, Shia or civil. Likewise, they are qualified to represent Non-Muslims in the Bahrain civil court.

Those who subscribe to the Sunni or Shia Madhab shall be advised and aided in accordance with their sect respectively.

We advise our clients appropriately based on the applicable laws in their specific Family matter, with full Sharia Law compliance to our Muslim clients.
The areas handled include solemnization of marriage, divorce, legal guardianship, legitimacy, adoption, child support, emancipation, custody and inheritance.