We advise both landlords and tenants on matters relating to tenancy. We resolve their disputes and other related matters such as complaints over public utilities. With attention to detail in the drafting of agreements and aggressive representation in litigation, our lawyers are equipped to handle any issue that comes your way and resolve it efficiently and effectively.

We enable the tenant or landlord, whichever the case may be to have the covenanted rights protected and legally enforced through the relevant tribunal or court. In this regard, we handle matters of vacant possession of the premises, keeping house by tenant, non-payment of rent, wastage of premises by tenant etc.

On the part of the landlord, we protect him by levying distress for unpaid rent, demanding for vacant possession, repair etc.

We draft condominium by laws where the residential premises are so arranged and advise the management on how to hold meetings, comply with the relevant council or municipality laws and resolve disputes among residents.