Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law

Our Law Firm as your real estate lawyer will handles issues relating to immovable property; its purchase, management and sale.

For those clients wishing to purchase or sell their land and/or housing, we are available to represent your interests at the closing of the deal just to make sure you get the best out of it. Our fees are most reasonable and a flat rate which is disclosed well in advance to enable you to plan your finances prudently.

Our duty as your real Estate lawyer is to ensure that proper procedures are followed regarding the acquisition or disposal of the asset, and to undertake due diligence in confirmation of titles.

We also look out for any existing encumbrances or caveats just to ensure that our client is not suddenly burdened with a debt or threat of foreclosure that he was duped into thinking did not exist.

Our draftspersons work on the relevant agreements and ensure they are witnessed appropriately and relevant duty paid where applicable.

In the event that our client intends to purchase property for a specified purpose, we shall search the relevant existing by laws in the area with regard to use of property, type of prohibited structures, zonings, prevailing property taxes etc.