In line with the spirit of upholding the law and ensuring continued harmony, we provide Mediation and Negotiation lawyers services to clients who may not wish to apply the regular court mechanisms that are at times acrimonious and always adversarial.

In the Negotiation process, our qualified lawyers will act as facilitators and keep the parties talking and bargaining. The parties may be individuals or teams. The facilitator shall keep record of party positions, and points of agreement they reach as discussions proceed.

We may avail this service especially for disputes and negotiations relating to labor or sports. Our facilitator will prepare a memorandum of agreement containing all of the points agreed.

Should the parties wish, our facilitator shall enable them to formalize their memorandum of agreement. The parties generally share equally in the cost. On any matters unresolved, the parties are free to pursue other options.

Should the parties opt for mediation, we are available to facilitate so as to assist them to understand their dispute. Our trained lawyers will provide structured discussion and help the parties reach a dispute settlement agreement. If the parties can’t reach a settlement agreement, Alya Al Zeera will allow them to pursue other options.

If you have any questions regarding Mediation and Negotiation legal process let us know.

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