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Intellectual Property Rights cover various rights in respect of a wide range of areas. It covers patents of any type, design rights, utility models or other similar invention rights, copyrights trademarks, trade names and service marks etc.

Our legally specialized and highly accomplished Attorneys work to accomplish the registration process with competent authorities and to protect and defend client’s designs and ideas. The intellectual property disputes mostly cover areas related to the infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or patent.

These arise when individuals or businesses, including small or big organizations, discover that others are using their intellectual property without permission. Such unlawful usages will lead to damages to the good will including loss of profits of the entity. Our website is headed with a detailed narration of each sector of Intellectual Property Law & rights. If you are seeking services/or redressal regarding any specific right please check out the particular category.

Copyright Protection:

Our team consists of professionals well-versed in intellectual property law which includes copyright protection. Any issues pertaining to a newly-created work or a copyright infringement. It applies to books, computer programs, speeches, dramatic musical dance works, audiovisual works, photography, geographical plans etc. We offer full services to our clients which includes ensuring compensation also.

In order to protect your work no one can use without your permission, many things have to be bear in mind. Licensing agreements to be executed with specific clauses as a copyright license or usage agreement to whoever using your works.

Our expert intellectual property Lawyers can protect Copyright infringement-related disputes either through direct negotiation, a notice and takedown process, or resorting to litigation through Courts. Sometimes counterfeiting of prosecuted via the criminal justice system. 

Patent & Industrial Design:

We are the right team to help inventors to conclude the registration processes in respect of patent application, accomplish other changes” such as change of owner, change of agent, change of owner and agent details etc. and to get the job done successfully.

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace, it is highly critical for any business to protect their valuable developed ideas, solutions and creativity from risk. Trademark counterfeiting, patent infringement and copyright piracy are some of the business threats for every organization.

As a last resort, every business will be compelled to seek legal resources for protecting Intellectual Property rights. In order to find a resolution and such solutions will be available only when there is proper registration of rights which includes foreign registration also. By the support of an expert Lawyer, your business will be ablt to claim damages as well as court expenses, loss of profits, etc. As a result of such infringement.

Trade Marks:

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of any word, phrase, symbol, recognizable sign, design or expression. These identify products or services and differentiate the products from others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. Hence the same is a highly significant aspect in respect of the good will of a business. Trademark infringement violations are very severe and are often involve characteristics of deceptive trade practices.

Hence our intellectual property lawyers be able to support our Clients by advising on the selection of new trademarks, filing and prosecuting applications on behalf of our Clients in respect of:

  • Registration Of Trademarks
  • Obtaining Foreign Registration Of Trademarks
  • Handling Trademark Disapprovals
  • To Carry Out Searches etc.

Explore more of our practice areas and let us know in case of any queries.