Our clients engaged in the franchising business have all the legal resources at hand with us. Our team of Franchise law experts will guide you through legal requirements of enforceable franchising. AlyaAlZeera’s best franchise lawyers will ensure that you enter the contract with full knowledge and understanding of its consequences.

Franchise Legal Services

We advise and provide services related to the four main types of franchises namely;

  • Business Format
  • Product (also called “single operator”)
  • Manufacturing
  • Master Franchise

For example, our various clients having businesses and wishing to expand their network can greatly benefit from this service where our lawyers shall advise on business format franchise so that their brand is retained but the persons managing are in a different region (including country). This will help you strengthen your portfolio and cash flows around wide regions and favorably tackle competition.

Our clients dealing in food and beverage products can benefit from manufacturing franchise by having an independent manufacturer produce and sell goods using our client’s name and trademark.

We are also at hand ready to provide legal services in the event of disputes by either settlement via arbitration as shown earlier, or the regular courts, where circumstances necessitate. At no time shall we leave our client on his or her own.

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