Judgment in one state is not automatically enforced in another state. Having this in mind, we step in to ensure that any orders by court or Arbitration proceedings arising from a different jurisdiction are enforced. This we do through observing due process and abiding by the existing treaties and conventions involving the affected Sovereign States,
Our clients can therefore rest assured that their legal rights will not be hampered by territorial jurisdiction.

The judgments may relate to financial debt or any other rulings pronounced by court against a party.
We may advise that in the circumstances, a new suit be filed based on the judgment. or, in those states that have adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, a foreign judgment be registered by filing an exemplified copy of the foreign judgment with the Court and notifying the debtor of the filing.

In whichever way, our lawyers are available to handle foreign judgment and awards matters whether our client is plaintiff or defendant.