Our Law firm prides itself in having some of the best corporate lawyers not only in the Middle East but the wider region beyond Asia. It is common knowledge that the Middle East has some of the world’s renown companies, and we are proud to be associated with many of them for provision of corporate legal services. Lack of legal clarity in the contractual documents is a major contributing factor to many contractual breaches. We help our clients to interpret contractual proposals before they put their signature on the document. We also draft for them the ideal contracts in case they wish to enter agreements with prospective offerors.

Our team is well-versed with matters related to contract and commercial law, prevailing rules, practices, regulations, and laws that control the operation of any kind of corporation.


We provide a wide array of services to help and to meet the constant needs of any business and hence our corporate activities comprise draft, review, negotiate all types of contracts which includes but not limited to Contracts pertaining to the areas of;

  • Franchise
  • Loan and finance
  • Supply of Goods and Services,
  • Sale – Reseller – Purchase
  • Shareholders – Partnerships
  • Joint venture
  • Employment – Recruitment – Labor supply
  • Construction – Contract – Subcontract
  • Distribution – Agency- Operation- Co promotion
  • Confidential- Non-Disclosure- Non Competence
  • Lease-Sub Lease – Rental- Real Estate
  • Maintenance – Dealer – Services
  • Vehicle Lease- Travel Services- Fuel Supply

We support national as well as international Companies to operate in compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Hence, we provide services to draft, review LOA’s, LOI’s LPO’s, Tender Documents, Offer letters, Contract termination-renewal notices, Eviction-handover letters, Employee Warning Letters etc. in compliance with legal standards.

In addition, we provide Company Secretarial Services on an advisory or outsourced basis. We draft, review Company /Board resolutions, Agendas, Legal Policy Documents etc.


Every Partnership has to be executed under utmost “good faith” towards its fellow partners which includes a duty to act honestly, not to make “secret” profits, not compete against the business and so on. Hence one should be diligent in respect of partnership structure obligations and liability of the partners and what happens in the case of termination or change in your business.

If you are planning to enter into a partnership then, our experts can assist you in respect of the legal nature of a partnership, outcomes and compliance requirements for formation which includes the drafting of Partnership Deed which comprises obligations and liability of each partner, remedies in case of breach /or termination/or change in business relation.

If you are already in a Partnership and things do not work well as per the agreed terms and conditions or if there is a dispute between partners then, Our best corporate lawyers can advise as well as assist you in litigation services for resolving the dispute either by bringing the Partnership to wind up or amending an existing terms and conditions of Partnership.