contract legal services


Whether you are in business or simply transacting in your ordinary routine activities, there are high chances that you shall engage in promissory relationships. Our team of highly qualified legal minds is readily available to guide you through the understanding of contractual promises, their formation, performance, enforcement and legal consequences with our contract legal services.

Lack of legal clarity in the contractual documents is a major contributing factor to many contractual breaches. We help our clients to interpret contractual proposals before they put their signature on the document. We also draft for them the ideal contracts in case they wish to enter agreements with prospective offerors.

We avail witnessing services where our client wishes to have his or her agreement witnessed by qualified attorney, and where we are acting for such client, we provide referral to any of our many fellow lawyers practicing in different reputed firms.

In the event of need for interpretation, breach or intended alteration and/or amendment to an existing contract, we do provide legal guidance and service.

Last but not least, we provide drafting services for all forms of contractual agreements, including Non-Disclosure agreements (NDA), Privacy Policies, Software as a Service agreement (SaaS), etc.