Our Firm’s strategy is to resolve disputes through the best possible, cost-effective modes which include negotiations, professional communications, solution-focused strategies etc. If successful and speedier resolution has not reached, we will proceed with civil litigation as the last available option.

We have specialized as well as experience in a wide range of Civil litigation matters. We have represented numerous corporate as well as individual clients and have appeared on behalf of Plaintiffs/Defendants/Appellants/Opposite Parties in Civil Suits in respect of diverse subjects which include

  • Suit for Money
  • Suit for Damages
  • Specific Performance
  • Damages for breach of Contract
  • Unpaid Debts
  • Construction Disputes
  • Franchises and dealerships etc.

Our lawyers easily and regularly handle complex disputes with their ingenious, practical, results-oriented approach.

 Role of Civil Litigation Lawyer

A civil litigation lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in handling civil disputes, which are legal conflicts between two or more parties that do not involve criminal charges. Civil litigation lawyers represent clients in court proceedings, mediations, and arbitrations in a variety of areas, including personal injury, business disputes, employment law, and real estate. They work to resolve disputes between parties through negotiation, mediation, or trial. Civil litigation lawyers may work for a law firm or be self-employed. They may also work for the government, representing the interests of the state or federal government in civil disputes.

We give special importance and additional value as regard regular consistent communication with Clients. We provide steady reporting in respect of regular follow-ups with regards the subject suits. 

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