Our experts in business law are at hand to guide our clients in matters relating to agency, their formation, performance, enforcement and legal consequences.
Other than the drafting of the Agency covenants which fall under contract, our lawyers will interpret the client’s particular agency relationship in order to determine which specific type of agency it is and what legal requirements for formation and consequences ensue.

For instance, we advise auctioneers, brokers, commission agents, del credere agents, forwarding agents etc. and interpret their proposed agency contracts to ensure they are not taken advantage of.

In line with agency, we also specialize in the partnership engagements of our clients.
As a partnership is based on the general principles of agency, our experts in business law are available to draft partnership agreements and/or interpret the terms set therein.

We handle issues relating to the various forms of partnerships including Ordinary Partnerships, Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP).

Disputes relating to partnership rights and obligations, including the profit sharing issues, dissolution etc shall also be adequately handled.
We address matters relating to the various forms of partnerships