Tourism and Travel Law

Travel Law

Tourism and Travel Law

Tourism and Travel Law is most important especially when planning for a domestic or international tour, whether it is for vacation or a working holiday.
Our Lawyers ensure that you have all your time enjoying the tour and travel while we take care of your ensuing legal hiccups.

Our clients in this area include individual excursion travellers, tour operators, travel agents, airlines, cruise companies, hotels, travel associations, rental companies, rail and coach operators, and event organizers.
We act for either party, whether it is the client or the service provider and we shall ensure such client’s contractual and legal rights are well protected.

Majority of clients in this area are tour operators and we help them understand their legal limits when dealing with their clientele, putting in mind, the adage that says “the client is always right.” This does not imply that the service provider has to suffer mistreatment under the hands of his client.
We advise on the required travel documents, vaccinations, applicable laws, visas and travel documents/permits, insurance, release waivers etc. This area is very important especially due to the cross border or jurisdictional differences that arise in case the tour or travel cuts across different sovereign States.