Investment and Entrepreneur Visas

Entrepreneur visas

Investment and Entrepreneur Visas

As second Citizenship consultants, Our Law Firm guides interested persons through provision of comprehensive services for individuals seeking a second citizenship in processing and applying for this kind of citizenship in United Kingdom, United States of America, the European Union, Turkey and other countries having the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Investors can rest assured that we shall lead them through the entire legal process of documentation and undertake due diligence to guarantee a successful visa grant by the respective country. The risk of being duped by fraudsters is completely eliminated with us being there for you and with you.

Our advisory includes, legal, business planning, application and corporate services required for an Entrepreneur visa and formation of your new company.

This service is for those at Tier 1 United Kingdom citizenship application, Turkish entrepreneur visas intending to relocate to the United Kingdom,
The good news is that we shall further advise you on how you may if you wish, add members of your family to enjoy this benefit.