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Infrastructure Law

The Kingdom of Bahrain and the entire Middle East are developing at a high speed and hence investment in infrastructure is a basic necessity. From renewable energy to high speed rail, hyper loop technology and driverless cars, a coming wave of projects will require lots of legal expertise. The role of infrastructure lawyer is to ensure that the planning and execution of the whole project is done within the framework of law, and disputes are either eliminated or minimized.

We provide legal advice regarding compliance and safety, to engineers and investors engaged in construction, transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems etc. We are also at the ready to provide legal counsel preferably through Alternative Dispute Settlement mechanisms, or the regular courts when inevitable, in the event of disputes or disagreements.

Our lawyers work extra hard to meet the evolving challenges in infrastructure development as new technology and ways of life present opportunity for a new legislative framework.
The laws that come in handy include contract, tort, shipping, insurance and commercial law.

Conceptualizing and drafting contracts between the various players in the industry is key under this docket and our lawyers are up to the task.